Thinking of buying property?

Then you are already on the right track as a Pre-Qualification is the very first step when wanting to purchase a property. 

We will pre-qualify you for a home loan so that you know exactly what you can afford! When you pre-qualify with us, we help you set a homebuying budget so that you can house-hunt with confidence. We even factor in future rate increases to ensure that your home loan repayments remain affordable. And we do it all free of charge. What’s more, when you’re ready to apply for a home loan, we’ll submit a single application to multiple banks on your behalf and lean on our strong, established relationships with them to negotiate the best possible interest rate for you.


Find out how much home you can afford within minutes. Each applicant should fill out their own form. If you're married COP, your spouse should complete the form as well, regardless of their employment status.

Property Practitioner Details

If a property practitioner (agent) has referred you for a pre-qualification, please provide us with their details. Powered by MortgageMax, a division of BetterLife Origination Services Proprietary Limited (“MortgageMax”) and its MortgageMax Licensee1 together with other members of the BetterHome Group (comprising BetterHome Group Limited and entities in which it has a direct or indirect financial interest) (collectively “we” or “us”) offers a range of services relating to your home journey to make your home dreams come true, seamlessly and efficiently. By signing this form in the space provided below, you appoint MortgageMax and the BetterHome Group to be your lawful representative and agent in your name, place and stead, to obtain a copy of your personal credit report (“PCR”) from a Registered Credit Bureau. You agree to MortgageMax’s Terms and Conditions available at

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